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Translation Companies Getting the Best Out of Your Translators

Global trade has necessitated translation to and from many languages of the globe. An intricate process, owning to variations in syntax and construction rules in world languages, translation entails a careful selection of translator and reviewer services. Since you cant review the quality of a translated document, you can make sure that: 1. The document you are giving for translation is of the best level possible. 2. The team you are paying meets your top notch requirements. Before handing off: 1. Initiate the spell check and grammar […]

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French Translators and French Learning Software

Using French learning software and French translators can be a very good option for those who want to learn to French but are short on time. TopTenREVIEWS has selected the best French Translators and French Learning Software programs, based on criteria including Feature Set, such as touch, sight, and sound; Ease of Use and Installation; Help/Documentation and technical support; Fundamentals; and Effectiveness. French Before You Know It: This French learning tool is a flashcard program created by Transparent, which is designed to help users develop their French […]

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Translation – Cooperate With Translators It Pays

When a business goes global, there is a risk of being not properly understood in other languages, or, even worse, misunderstood. That is why, when you are going to expand your business, your success can depend on the person who translates your website, documentation, ads and so on. Don’t insist on translating your text word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence. Contrary to the popular belief, the translation won’t be more accurate this way. Just the opposite is true: a translator who translates word-by-word is a BAD translator, or a mediocre […]

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